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Why join Capital Connector?

Take a look at our technology stack.

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Artificial Intelligence

We use Artificial Intelligence to connect customers to the right product or service
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Data Analytics

We provide unique data insights into the local small business
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Machine Learning

Machine learning enables us to leverage data to provide great matches
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Gov AWS Cloud

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Capital Connector ecosystem

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We use technology to provide you with the best small business matches for your services. To build your profile please complete survey. Companies can join the Capital Connector in just a few easy step.

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Value Proposition

Close faster & strengthen client relationships with Capital Connector.

Capital Connector was designed to improve the quality and quantity of small business referrals. Here are just a few reasons your company should join Capital Connector.
Vetted, high quality referrals
We use AI and public, private partnerships with local government to find, recruit and retain customers within your target market segment.
Decrease customer acquisition costs
Capital Connector's software as a service fee is half the cost of just one full time employee.
Exclusive Branding and Marketing
Partners get exclusive access to Capital Connector events.

Economic Impact

We help you measure and track the impact of your services real-time.

Government Agencies

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